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Body Aesthetics

Contour & tighten

Our Morpheus8 technology is a revolutionary treatment that uses radio frequency energy & microneedling to penetrate deep into the skin, promoting collagen production, plus tightening & smoothing the skin. This cutting edge technology can also be used for fat reduction & contouring, providing a minimally invasive alternative to surgical procedures.

Arms + elbows $450 per session

Abdomen $500 per session

Legs + knees $550 per session

Banana roll booty lift $400 per session

Stretch marks (small area) $350 per session

Stretch marks (large area) $500 per session

Scar treatment (small area) $350 per session

Scar treatment (large area) $500 per session

Face + Neck $900 per session

Face $850 per session

Neck $500 per session

Sold as a package of three or can be purchased individually.

Ask about package incentives.

This treatment is also available in medical aesthetic services.

Bare essentials

In addition to Morpheus8, we also offer DiolazeXL laser hair reduction via our Inmode Optimas platform. This advanced laser technology targets hair follicles, reducing the growth of unwanted hair & providing long lasting results.

Small area (package of 6) $350

chin, lip, sideburns

Medium area (package of 6) $550

bikini, neck, chest, underarms

Large area (package of 6) $1250

back, arms, legs, full face

Forever smooth (unlimited areas + 6 sessions) $3000

Shape shift

Our personalized prescription weight management services provide a comprehensive approach to help you achieve your aesthetic fitness goals. To determine eligibility, we conduct a thorough evaluation during the initial consultation & medical review, led by our nurse practitioner. Follow up visits are required for prescription refill, every 4 weeks. Our services emphasize the significance of following a balanced diet & engaging in regular physical activity to support your weight management journey.

Initial consultation + care plan + prescription starts at $350

Monthly follow up visit + refill starts at $150

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